Branding Strategy for Tankeapoteket

Internship Project Developed at
Tankeapoteket, a social design firm in Stockholm. The project was part of the Master of Business & Design at HDK University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Fall 2016 

Sofia Wallner

Internship Purpose
To develop a brand strategy for Tankeapoteket to structure their brand and provide them with a tool to better communicate their actual and future work. 

Methods & Process
In practical terms, I structured a space for the founders to reflect and build together the DNA of their brand in the form of workshops / funshops with the clear purpose of defining and putting down in paper the essence of Tankeapoteket. Through 3 collaborative workshops, I developed with them the brand platform (vision, mission, and values); outlined the brand personality (imagining Tankeapoteket as a human character with traits and giving her a context) and understood their audience wants and needs by creating a user persona (to have in mind when moving into the design phase). 

The smallness and openness of the firm allowed me to explore new ways of thinking and working on a project and overall helped me to develop more trust in my intuition and my design process. I had the opportunity to reflect and re-define my professional role with new knowledge and experience, balancing my graphic design background with business and design competencies. I performed diverse roles during the internship depending on the needs of the project: workshop facilitator, brand strategist, researcher, visual designer and project manager.

Key Learnings
Focusing on the process and my own learnings, rather than the outcome, helped me to reach a new level of self-knowledge as a professional where I became more comfortable in my business & design practice. The time, skills and resources at hand, being very structured and mindful of the process.

Final Deliverable
The final result handed to Tankeapoteket was a Brand Book that contains the brand platform, brand personality, brand positioning and communication of the brand. The brand book is a tool that will contribute to further develop the brand from now on, with key themes to address and strategic recommendations to address them for the management of Tankeapoteket.

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