ICA Onli: Design Driven Strategy for ICA

Developed at
Master of Business & Design at HDK 
University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Design, Strategy & Innovation

Spring 2016 

In collaboration with
Ronald Clays, Kevan D'Agostino,
Davide Gianni & Julia Märak Leffler

Initial Challenge
Develop a design-driven strategy for ICA Sweden, preparing the business for a digital future. ICA Sweden is the leading grocery retailer focused on food and health in Sweden. ICA has a unique organisation based on independent retailers but a common brand and the vision of making everyday's life easier.

Our team analysed the company’s structure and the opportunities around it, and reframed the initial challenge in line with the company’s vision, mission and values. Our project went about developing a more user focused, sustainable online experience that centralizes ICA's services, empowers brand loyalty and benefits both the online and independent retailers.  

Methods & Tools
Observation, interviews, market research, business model canvas, co-creation sessions, review of current competitors and trends in the market. 

Proposed Service
ICA Onli is a service that would be incorporated as another branch of ICA Gruppen, allowing more cooperation between the other segments of the company. Focused on offering a seamless experience to the user, the service would showcase and sell only ICA’s private labels to allow a better profit for the company. Thus, increasing brand recognition and offering a more unified experience. Clearer marketing and branding would also be achieved, by providing a more cohesive message to their users and using to full potential their existing channels. Finally, in terms of sustainabiity, the service would highlight locally produced items and empower the contributors from the communities.